Innovation Plaza

uCity Square’s newest pocket park



Innovation Plaza is an active place for people who work and live within and around uCity Square to relax, socialize, work and play. With vibrant plantings, chess, checkers and backgammon tables, free wi-fi, and spots to just stop, sit and ponder, Innovation Plaza inspires ideas and reflects the dynamic energy of the Science Center, uCity Square, and our partners and stakeholders. Located along 37th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets, the new pocket park is also home to the Innovators Walk of Fame


Innovation Plaza is a true collaboration. The Science Center worked with International House Philadelphia, National Board of Medical Examiners, PECO, University Lutheran Church and the 3624 Condominium Association to create a space that’s accessible to the diverse community that makes up University City and uCity Square. Innovation Plaza is free and open to the public!  



The design principle behind Innovation Plaza is the golden ratio, the underlying proportion found in the design of all nature and life that has inspired architects and designers for millennia. Scientists, mathematicians, engineers and artists all use the golden ratio as a foundational design structure. This proportion is infinitely scalable and is reflected in the two and three-dimensional elements of the Plaza such as the dramatic red portals.


The implementation of the golden ratio into the design of Innovation Plaza pays homage to the technical and scientific roots of the Science Center while giving the space a unique, vibrant and meaningful design. 

Interested in holding an event at Innovation Plaza? Have questions about the space or events? 

The Science Center relies on the generous support of its donors to deliver innovative programs at Innovation Plaza. Your tax-deductible gift helps us move ideas forward.