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Sourcing Innovation

Industry Partnerships: identify, derisk and fuel your R&D pipeline

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We provide business development teams at growing life science and pharma companies a high-value, high-yield method for rapidly expanding technology pipelines.

Your team may be motivated by specific technical challenges, a need to intensify intellectual property positions around key assets, or a desire to explore blue-sky opportunities for your future product pipeline. In each case, the Science Center meets these needs with a unique, competitive research partnership program allowing you to quickly and comprehensively engage leading research institutions, setting the stage for sharply focused collaborative research agreements and licensing negotiations.

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Program Benefits

A Portfolio of Research Ideas

Depending on your needs, we’ll present you with dozens, if not hundreds, of research ideas in a standardized form, addressing questions specified by you. Within this collection will be ideas that represent true blue-sky, market-creating concepts.

Access to a Talent Pipeline

We’ll introduce you to a talent pipeline of investigators and trainees.


We’ll provide you with a distinct branding moment during which your organization has an opportunity to present itself to researchers and research institutions in a unique and highly positive light.


In addition to research, researchers and new technology, we’ll provide you with ongoing state-of-the-art analytics to understand leads and levels of interest.

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