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UX Design Sprint Challenge

In our UX Design Sprint, students will learn and practice key design skills that are also applicable to other types of design. This program is a great fit for any student who enjoys tech, design, and mobile apps.

In each individual class students will learn a new design technique/method and apply it to the app they are working on. The different lessons will help you take the idea through the design process to a finished app design.

We are currently looking for 11th & 12th grades students to participate in our 8 Week UX Design Sprint which will launch March 9th. The program will run on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30PM-5:30PM at the FirstHand Lab with industry professionals.

Applications due March 1st (Limited: Only 12 spots available)


FirstHand Sprints are 6-8 week programs designed to expose students to STEM careers, learn valuable skills, and earn internship opportunities. Students can also earn a stipend by participating.