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Director of Digital Insights


The Director, Digital Insights is responsible for leading the data collection, synthesis, process evolution and cultural changes associated with digital transformation. This individual is creating the strategic direction and implementation around the organization’s use of data and analytics to inform positive participant and partner experiences, impact evaluation, funding opportunities, and the strategic direction in service of the University City Science Center’s mission. The Director will work collaboratively across the entire Science Center team to create buy-in and collect, synthesize, and report the data and metrics associated with the programs, and operations. This role will deliver and maintain accurate, complete and timely data sets while considering the programs’ needs internally and externally. The Director will leverage solid processes and technologies to perform data management tasks as accurately and efficiently as possible and will also implement processes and operational changes across businesses. This role will be responsible for developing and implementing databases in Salesforce and data collection systems to facilitate delivery of a dashboard that tracks key operational metrics and insights around programming, fundraising, supported companies’ growth and business development.

The Director, Digital Insights has internal contacts with the entire UCSC team and external contact with business partners, vendors, funders and the community. This position has access to sensitive UCSC information and is expected to handle such information with integrity and professionalism. This position has regular contact with members of the community and is expected to represent UCSC in a professional manner.

The Director, Digital Insights will report directly to the Senior Director, Experience and Digital Transformation and will participate in department activities as necessary. The Director will manage a future data/salesforce analyst. This role spans across the organization and is expected to regularly interact with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).


  1. Collaborate with Program Leaders to continually deepen customer insights and guide a seamless, connected customer journey throughout the One Science Center experience.
  2. Maintain and continually optimize systems including Salesforce, in coordination with the Science Center Information Technology team for gathering customer insights and organizational data to inform strategy and measure impact over time.
  3. Maintain integrity of data by reviewing input, output, and performance indicators to locate and correct problems.
  4. Create comprehensive and accurate dashboards for programs and business operations with clear data visualizations and ongoing reports. Interpret data and analyze results using proven statistical techniques.
  5. Prepare comprehensive summaries of analysis results, capturing data driven insights in a compelling manner and present to staff and leadership.
  6. Use data to evaluate partner and participant experiences and help create new opportunities.
  7. Lead the organization’s efforts to use data to improve our program offerings, improve efficiencies, support fundraising efforts and generate fund raising revenue.
  8. Design and recommend new research tools to support and inform future growth in alignment with the Science Center’s mission and strategic plan.
  9. Guide staff and leadership to embrace the cultural change that comes with using data to primarily inform experiences and decision-making.


  1. Attend relevant workshops or join professional industry groups as necessary to maintain professional knowledge.
  2. Adheres to UCSC’s security guidelines and ensures the appropriate handling of sensitive information.
  3. Facilitate and attends relevant staff meetings to promote communication and execution of goals.
  4. Completes special projects specific to the function of the department and organization as directed by the supervisor and ELT.
  5. Other duties as assigned within the scope of position expectations.


  1. Understanding of Science Center and department goals and objectives and ability to work and contribute as part of a larger team.
  2. Proven ability to collect and analyze data to inform business processes.
  3. Experience creating and managing change in an organization.
  4. Strong attention to detail with demonstrated ability to manage multiple daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term tasks for multiple staff members by carefully setting priorities, meeting deadlines, and scheduling time efficiently.
  5. Deep understanding of the relationship between experience and data integrating them to meet an organization’s mission.
  6. Technologically proficient, ability to effectively use a variety of software programs including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, data integration software such as Zapier and customized databases, including Salesforce and Tableau.
  7. Strong understanding of and ability to foster excellent customer service practices.
  8. Strong written and verbal communication skills and demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with individuals and groups.
  9. Demonstrated ability to lead and work with other people through a cooperative effort.
  10. Adheres to all UCSC and departmental policies and procedures.

Embodies and Models Science Center Values:

  • Unity: Promotes one Science Center, united and guided by our mission.
  • Open Communication: Practices open communication by encouraging a diversity of ideas and recognizing the value of sharing opinions and experiences in our work.
  • Integrity: Creates an environment of trust and integrity. Honest and ethical in everything.
  • Impact: Works to make a meaningful and measurable difference in the lives of others.
  • Equity & Inclusion: Fosters an environment that embraces the strength in the diversity of our team and our community.
  • Innovation in Action: Committed to continuous learning and open to new ideas that drive positive change.


Minimum Experience:

8+ years of data analysis, data research and/or digital transformation in a professional office environment with a customer service focus, demonstrated ability to make sense out of data and present in a clear, concise manner.

Minimum Education:

BA/BS degree.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Interested candidates should forward a resume and salary requirements to:
Human Resources, University City Science Center 3675 Market Street, Suite 400 Philadelphia, PA 19104
Or email resume to

About the Science Center

The University City Science Center is Philadelphia’s premier catalyst of entrepreneurial activity, healthcare innovation, and economic growth. Established in 1963, the nonprofit has been recognized by The Brookings Institution as a best-in-class investor, mentor, and economic development partner for young technology companies. Working alongside industry partners and leading research and academic institutions across the globe, the Science Center has supported over 1,000 early-stage companies. Today, the organization advances healthcare innovation from idea to the marketplace through startup support services, allocating capital, gathering the innovation community, and building inclusive STEM pathways for Philadelphia youth and adults.

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